Do you run a business and are keen to effectively claim on your profits? There is information that will interest you.

Click here to access information from the A.T.O. regarding motor cycle racing sponsorship.

Becoming a backer of an event or organization can bring a wide range of benefits to any company.

"Of all the forms of marketing communication, sponsorship is the most well-received and accepted by the public."

They can enhance a company's image and visibility; differentiate the company from competitors; help develop closer relationships with current and prospective customers; showcase products and services; unload obsolete inventory; and allow the company to compete more effectively against bigger firms that have much larger advertising budgets.

Sponsorship is not the same as advertising, which involves direct promotion of a company through a medium such as print, television, or radio and which can be readily quantified. Rather, sponsorship is a marketing effort that often involves active association with the organization or event being sponsored. Its aim is to create an awareness that builds an affinity for the company among the public

Unlike most advertising, sponsorship often offers access to a live audience and opportunities to entertain clients and have people sample your product or service. In some instances, sponsorship may also offer more bang for the buck than advertising,

By sponsoring Steve Leach’s race effort you can promote your products and services with the team at our race meetings. If you would like further information on supporting our racing please send us an e-mail outlining your intentions.